We are capable of all aspects of roofing, from simple refelt to a complete replacement of wall plates, joists, decking, lead work and new roofs, as well as slate work, guttering, chimneys and fascia boards.

We will undertake storm damage, insurance and grant work with written and insurance backed guarantees available.

Here are some examples of our work. Click on any of the photographs below to get an enlarged view.


Firstly, all the old roof covering was stripped off and taken away to reveal the roof decking. The decking is then checked over along with all drip battens and arris rails to make sure it is in a sound condition prior to re-roofing.

As you can see from picture 1 the decking was of old planking and needed to be taken out and replaced with new 18mm plywood, new drip battens and arris rails. The arris rails were laid and primed with a bitumin primer and all decking joints were sealed with bitumin. At this stage any lead flashings needed to seal felt flashings into the main wall up stands will be fixed into place.

The roof can now be re-felted using polyester high performance felts laid on hot bitumin. All edges and felt flashings are sealed with polyester high performance torch on mineral felt and the main flat roof area can then be finished off with a choice of finishes. These include solar reflective sealer as in picture 1 and picture 3, though in a larger scale or on a polyester mineral felt finish in a choice of colours as in picture 2.

We will also provide and fix new fascia boards, lay new insulation, make good any slate, tile work or rendering on completion of the job.